There are 8.5 billion searches which are processed by Google in a day which are further redirected to billions of webpages. Imagine the potential of business that can be generated by rightly marketing on a search engine like Google. The success of SEM lies in the creation of highly optimized ads, managing the campaigns efficiently and delivering desired conversion rates. Beat your competition and reach your target audience that is looking for your product and services by availing our Search Engine Marketing or PPC management services. Whether your objective is to generate leads or e-commerce sales or to get app installs, our marketing expertise and rich experience will create a win for you.
Google Search Campaigns

Imagine if you get to know that someone has intent to buy or know more about your product or service, wouldn’t you be excited to speak to them? Well, this is exactly what happens when someone searches on Google with an intention to buy/know and they come across your Google search ad which takes them to your landing page where you talk more about your product/service. This results in converting the webpage visitor into a lead or a customer. Our Champs are super specialized in selecting the right target audience, choosing the relevant keywords, creating engaging ads & high conversion landing pages and optimizing the campaigns to generate amazing return on investment (ROI) or return on advertising spends (ROAS) for your business. What’s more? We have brought success to many search campaigns by efficiently running Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) for our clients.

Google Display Campaigns

We all know that a picture speaks louder than words. Google Display Network provides a plethora of visual advertising options across 35 million websites and apps and Google-owned properties. It is one of the most engaging ways to tell a brand story and enhance brand reach. Be it responsive display ads or smart bidding, our Champs with Google Display Ads certification will use all the latest features of Google Ads, run ads on the most relevant display platforms and deliver fantastic results for your business.  

Google Shopping Ads

These ads are used by e-commerce businesses to display their products at the top of search results or Google search partner sites by redirecting users to the specific product page. To showcase your catalogue, we’ll assist you in setting up, managing, and optimizing your shopping processes and product listing adverts. We have garnered thousands of dollars sales for our clients using Shopping Ads and would be happy to do it for you as well.

Video Ads

With the constant decrease in attention span of users, the most engaging type of advertising asset in today’s world is a video ad. Video ads can create a personal communication with your potential customers through its powerful content and result into an impactful branding. It can also drive traffic to your website to generate leads or book appointments or get online sales. We will carefully select the most appropriate targeting based on location, interests and more, optimize the ads for the marketing objective and reap excellent benefits on your ad spends. 

video ad
App Campaigns
These days, thousands of apps are submitted on app stores on a daily basis and the success of any app depends largely on the number of app installs followed by increased app usage. App Campaigns are used to market your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play and more. Whether your goal is to skyrocket your app installs or let your users take an in-app action, our Champs are well equipped to help you.

The smart marketing technique of targeting users who have either visited a website or a specific webpage or have taken/not taken a specific action is known as Remarketing. This form of marketing is extremely useful in converting a visitor who has already engaged with your brand into a customer. We will enhance your ROI by using this absolutely inevitable tool in creative and proven ways without making your users feel chased.

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