Video Production
With CoChamps, capture the attention of your audience that many business owners are struggling with. Usually, traditional business marketing methods are quickly tossed and end up leaving your budget spent. As the attention span of audiences is very shorter, videos make it easy for brands to convey their story effectively through engaging videos. At CoChamps, we understand the nerves of modern users and create brand videos that effectively convey stories for an everlasting impression of your brand.
  • Corporate videos

Take your business forward with corporate videos that are an inspiring portrait of your company. They allow potential to connect to vision and mission while providing a unique touch with an everlasting impact.

  • Testimonial videos

Create an exciting video narrative that compels a story that showcases the results of your product or service that has helped your clients. They can share their experience of using your products/services and what they like about your brand.

  • How-to videos

In a good “how to” video, a vision is properly explained in a simple and effective manner. We do “how to” videos on video tutorials, DIY guides, or instructional videos.

  • Animated videos

Animated videos have a huge impact on how consumers perceive your brand. They have the ability to make a complex concept into proper storytelling, with fun and engagement. We have experience in creating 2D and 3D animations, whiteboard animation videos, and more.

  • Product Demo Videos

Illustrate an overview of your product, by showing how your product works, and a call to action. This ensures your potential clients identify your product’s unique value proposition in a clear and quick manner.

  • Explainer Videos

Communicate your story and vision to potential clients by using these fun, witty, and enjoyable videos that are memorable to make an impact on your audience and help them with the important information they need to make a decision.

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